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Coed events are very unique, they allow you to have an eclectic team of men and women of all skill levels. These events are a great way to have fun on and off the ice. Next time you are thinking of getting a team together for a tournament, forget gender and ask all your friends, it is sure to be a blast! Coed divisions are offered in most of our adult events, including the much sought-after, destination events. Come be a part of this unique experience!
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From  October 18, 2014 To  October 19, 2014
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  November 08, 2014 To  November 09, 2014
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  December 31, 2014 To  January 01, 2015
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  January 31, 2015 To  February 01, 2015
Oshawa, Toronto East, ON Canada
From  March 13, 2015 To  March 15, 2015
Etobicoke, Toronto, ON Canada
From  April 17, 2015 To  April 19, 2015
Oakville, ON Canada
From  April 24, 2015 To  April 26, 2015
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  May 29, 2015 To  May 31, 2015
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  July 17, 2015 To  July 19, 2015
Oshawa, ON Canada
From  August 07, 2015 To  August 09, 2015
Oshawa, ON Canada

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